Have you ever had one of those shit-sucks-so-bad-I-have-to-make-a-change moments? I’ve had many and I just happen to be in one now.

I have been feeling shitty for a while now. I have low energy, I sleep to long but feel like it it’s never enough, I eat like crap most of the time, and I futilely try to make up for it by pouring copious amounts of coffee on top of it (even though I know it’s bad for me). While writing daily emails for this this year’s Spiritually Charged Love Challenge (SCLC) I realized how unhealthy my habits had become.

Nothing changes until something changes

I feel like the Universe has been sending me hints through others to get my shit together and how.

I was first guided to self-publisher (via Amazon/Kindle/CreateSpace) Emeka Ossai. Through his videos I feel like the message the Universe is trying to send me is “Get your work out.”

The second person I was guided to was Dani Spies. I was doing research for this year’s SCLC and came across this video about clean eating. I actually feel like the Universe has been trying to give me this message for a while but it was only once I found Dani’s YouTube channel that I heard the message loud and clear “Eat better, feel better.”

The third person I was guided to is well-known author/speaker/teacher T. Harv Eker. Through this video I had an “ah-ha” or “lightbulb” moment that I posted on my Facebook profile page:

“Listening to Harv, I suddenly realized I’ve been stepping on my own foot. I complain about being broke all the time but will also say I don’t care about money or being paid for my services. I say “I don’t care if a get paid for this service or make money off this book as long as I’m helping others.” Meanwhile, I’m drowning in debt and can barely make it through the month. On top of that, how many people am I actually helping if I’m not selling my services or products?

Yes, I still want to help others but I also need to help myself. If I don’t take care of my needs first, I’m not gonna be able to help as many people as I could.”

I feel the messages here are “Put the work in” and “My services and products are worthy of payment.” I actually went on a T. Harv Eker video binge and realized I have A LOT of limiting beliefs around money that I need to work on. But I digress.

spirit whisper

Through these messages I have decided to take action. I will be putting the work in, getting it out, and getting paid for it, as well as shifting to a clean eating lifestyle. If you’d like, you can follow my progress on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I also intend to start posting blogs on a regular basis again.

What messages has the Universe been trying to send you? Are you experiencing a shit-needs-to-change moment right now? Let’s do this together! Join the Spiritually Charged Facebook group and we can keep each other motivated and accountable. It’s always better to have support especially when you’re making life changes.

purple line 2

Did this post inspire you? Did it give you any “ah-ha” moments? If so, share it with others


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As always, sending love your way

~ Liz

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