If you’re thinking about committing to a clean diet and relearning how to eat (properly), let me help you out. I’m sharing what I’ve experienced in my first week so you can have an idea of what to expect.




You hear so much about how people lose a ton of weight on a vegan diet and how healthy those people are. Well, I’ve been vegan for nearly a decade and I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Did you know you can be vegan and unhealthy? If you didn’t, you do now. There is plenty of junk food that is vegan and I ate all of it. Every day. For years. I gained weight and my overall health went to crap. It turns out that it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. If you eat like crap, you will feel like crap.

Regardless of whether you eat animals, animal products, or neither, the difference maker to having a healthy body is your junk to clean ratio.

It’s been about a week since I decided to commit to a clean diet. I haven’t done it perfectly and I never intended to. I’ve learned that the goal ratio is 20/80 anyways and I think I more or less hit that. With it only being a week since making the change and not having done it perfectly, I have still noticed some major differences to my overall health and wellbeing.


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Here is my Pro/Con list of shifting to a clean diet:


  1. I’m having a ton of fun discovering healthy and tasty recipes. I love trying new things and I get to try something new nearly every single day. Not every recipes I’ve tried so far has made my fave list but I’ve yet to come across a recipe that made my never-again list.
  2. I get to stretch my creative muscles by making up my own recipes “What if I put these things together…”
  3. I have more energy. This may be attributed to mindset and all the fun I’m having more so than the food I’m putting in my body, I can’t really tell yet. What I can say is that I’ve noticed when I eat crappy food I feel heavy, sluggish, and gross. When I eat clean, I feel clean.
  4. I’m more in tune with my body. Now that I’m paying attention, I’ve noticed my body and even my taste buds are rejecting junk food. My body wants the fresh stuff over the chemical crap. Fresh tastes so much better than chemically processed! I know, I know. Duh, right?
  5. My mind is more clear. I actually noticed a huge difference in regards to brain-fog. I find it easier to write on a clean diet than I did on a crap diet. On a crap diet I didn’t just have a problem with mindset and lack of motivation, my brain itself was being affected. My brain felt just as heavy, sluggish, and gross as my body did.
  6. Spiritually I feel more connected. Clean eating has actually helped enhance my psychic gifts. I can hear my spirit guides and angels more clearly than ever.



  1. I’m hungry. Like all the time. Some meals are more filling than others but I often find that I go from satisfied to suddenly starving in a very short amount of time. I don’t know about you but with my old diet I would feel a lead up to starving if I didn’t get a snack in but with this new way of eating I don’t get that in between “Get a snack” warning. I’m learning how to eat as I go so I’m sure I’ll figure out how to keep from feeling hungry all the time. I may need to start a schedule or something. If you have experience in this area, please share your knowledge with the rest of the class. What have you found works for you?
  2. Food prep is key! It can take longer to get food in your mouth if you haven’t prepped your meals/snacks ahead of time. I made approximately 4 day’s worth of meals/snacks in one 3 hour sitting. Thanks to Dani Spies a lot of the recipes I’ve tried are time efficient but the downside has been that they aren’t terribly filling. When you’re starving you want something fast and easy to shove in your mouth but if you haven’t prepped you’ll be shit out of luck. You’ll have to take the time to put a recipe together or make the less healthy decision to shove a granola bar or a bowl of cereal down your gullet. Also, some recipe taste better with time. Yeah, you could eat it right away but the flavor won’t “pop” like it would given a couple hours in the fridge.
  3. Fresh stuff goes bad faster. Through trial and error I’ve learned to either freeze what I can to use later or buy pre-frozen. I’ve learned there is a difference between processed and chemically processed. Not everything that comes in a bag is bad for you or is less nutritious. Some recipes require fresh non-frozen/thawed produce. If you’re not able to make large batches to be eaten quickly or that can’t be frozen then thawed, you can end up wasting quite a bit. For example, fresh herbs bought at a store tend to come in bigger bunches than I actually need and they don’t last very long. They’re no good frozen then thawed so unless I want to dry them out a lot goes to waste. And the discarded bits of fresh produce/herbs… sweet Jeebus, the fruit flies y’all!


Again, if you’re more experienced with clean eating please help out us newbs by sharing your tips for turning a “con” into a “pro”

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~ Liz

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