Reiki Treatments and Certifications

What is Reiki (pronounced Ray-key)?

The word Reiki translates to ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Reiki is a holistic healing technique wherein the practitioner channels Universal Energy to aid the receiver in their healing.


How does Reiki work?

Reiki can be performed either hands-on or through distance healing. The practitioner enters into a meditative state as they channel healing energy that is transferred to the receiver.


The benefits of Reiki:

  •  It clears blockages, balances and aligns chakra’s
  •  Mental clarity
  •  Releases emotional baggage
  •  Releases stress through relaxation
  •  Restores energy
  •  Opens spiritual consciousness
  •  Accelerates healing physical injuries
  •  Can slow down and even reverse illness and disease
  •  Relieves pain


Reiki treatment Prices:

15 minute Reiki treatment – $15

30 minute Reiki treatment – $30

45 minute Reiki treatment – $45

1 hour Reiki treatment – $60


Reiki certification for levels I, II and III:

Level 1 will teach you the foundations of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho. I’ll be giving you your first Reiki symbol and showing you proper hand positioning. I will also be sharing my own style which uses colors and crystals. This level can take up to 8 hours total.

Price: $150


Level 2 will give you the added symbols and tools needed to practice Reiki, as well as teaching you how to use Remote/Distance Reiki and chakra healing. You will also learn more in depth how to heal with crystals and stones. This level can take up to 8 hours total.

Price: $200


Level 3 will give you your Master symbol and tools needed for creating your own teaching style and curriculum. This level takes between 2-4 hours total.

Price: $100


*Able to teach in person (if local) or via video chat

**Materials and certificate(s) are included in price

***Payment(s) to be made via Paypal or EMT



You are a wonderful teacher/master! You taught me so much more than just healing, Liz.” – Rhea G.


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