The Spiritually Charged Love Challenge

It’s entirely too easy to hate on ourselves and judge others harshly but what we really need – and what this world really needs – is more love.


How it started:

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to make my personal theme for the year be ‘Love’. Everything I do over the year will start with the intention of love. This includes compassion for myself and others, acceptance of what is, and surrendering to the Universe’s plan. This gave me the idea to start the Spiritually Charged Love Challenge.


When it starts and how it works:

The Spiritually Charged Love Challenge takes place during the month of February. Those that sign-up for the SCLC newsletter will receive daily emails with a challenge for that day. The idea is to practice conscious daily love for ourselves and others.

A private Facebook group was also created for questions, a safe place to voice any struggles, and to give and receive additional support not only throughout the Challenge but all year round.


Why you should sign-up:

The goal of the Spiritually Charged Love Challenge is to create a “love habit”. Instead of habitual self-hate and negative self-talk the SCLC is intended to help you shift that into a habit of self-love and positive self-talk.


What people are saying about the Spiritually Charged Love Challenge:

“I found the Spiritually Charged Love Challenge quite thought-provoking. It made me address some of my automatic thoughts and behaviours and has been a lesson in how to love myself, warts and all!

The emails are a gentle reminder of the challenge for that day, and it was reassuring to have the Facebook group to share my experiences with other people who were going through the same process. The other ladies in the group were very supportive; I think we were very open and honest with each other as we all had our own personal demons that we were trying to deal with. I shared things that I would never have told anybody else because I felt I could trust the other ladies to understand where I was coming from.  I think the act of putting into words what I was struggling with or how I was feeling also helped me to clarify what the real issues were.

I found some of the challenges easier than others. Some of the challenges fitted in with what I was doing anyway, some were fun, but others were quite challenging. It was interesting to look through the ones I put off doing and/or found most difficult and the common theme in those challenges was a lesson in itself! One of the more difficult challenges for me was a forgiveness challenge but I asked the group to make sure I did it as I felt it was important. It took me two attempts, but the outcome is unbelievable! My response to a certain situation has completely changed and I feel so much more relaxed and in control in that situation now – and it’s been a long lasting change too!

It’s nice to know that the Facebook group and all the resources from the challenge are still available to revisit at any time. I would encourage anyone to give this challenge a try – just go into it with an open mind, do your best with every challenge and share your struggles and wins with the rest of the group. We are all there to support and encourage each other…

Finally, I am very grateful to Liz for setting this challenge up and for her ongoing support. Thank you Liz xx” – Caroline Q.